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  • Indonesian Java

    A bold bodied coffee, full of cocoa and sweet tobacco, with a lingering smokey, spicy taste.

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  • Insulated Bottle

    A 500ml insulated bottle, with Explorer Compass Logo. This robust bottle can hold cold water or hot drinks to keep you hydrated wherever you may roam. Fits most cup/bottle holders and is a stylish addition to the bottle range. Helping to cut down the amount of Single Use Plastics – just use your bottle.

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  • Kenyan Peaberry

    A rich bodied, bright tasting coffee with fruit and berry tones.

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  • Lightweight Coffee Grinder

    A lightweight coffee grinder, made from single wall steel with ceramic conical burrs to grind coffee in small quantities whilst you’re out and about. Simple construction that’s easy to assemble, easy to adjust, easy to clean and doesn’t take up too much much room in a pouch or brew box.  

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