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  • Brazilian Santos

    Medium bodied Coffee with a nutty and cocoa tone. Mild sweetness and low acidity. A coffee for all day drinking, this variety also goes in to some of our Explorer Blends.

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  • Coffee Grinder

    If you want to enjoy great tasting coffee it’s best to grind the beans just before you brew. This compact hand grinder is just the job to get the best out of Explorer Coffee’s freshly roasted Beans. The ceramic burrs in this grinder are fully adjustable so you can grind to the right consistency for […]

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  • Coffee Mug

    A suitable receptacle for the drinking of Explorer Coffee’s finest products. A beautiful mug adorned with the Explorer Coffee’s Logos, this 10 fl oz Durham style mug has been produced by a fellow veteran. You can have your choice of the Explorer Coffees Compass or your favourite Explorer Coffees Blend logo on the side.

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  • Coffee Press

    Compact press to extract coffee under pressure, giving a more concentrated espresso style brew.  Simple to use, easy to clean and popular among coffee enthusiasts. Easy to use whilst travelling – you just need to provide the hot water. Comes with a pack of filter papers and all the accessories (funnel, measuring spoon, stirring stick) […]

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