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Bringing you the finest coffees from right around the world to your front door.  From a taste of South America to the Mountain Ranges of Africa – we have a coffee to tantalise your taste buds.  All of our coffees are hand roasted, ensuring you get the freshest coffee when you order.

We also sell our own brand Traveller’s Tea and our luxurious Ranger’s Hot Chocolate, catering for all your drinks requirements.

Additionally, we  supply a range of coffee accessories and explorer goods to help you enjoy your coffee – wherever you may roam.


We now offer our own range of Clothing and Outdoor Equipment to help you enjoy the great outdoors and unleash your hidden Explorer.

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Let the tastes of the world accompany you on your adventures, from the bottom of the garden path to the heights of the Himalayas, Explorer Coffees will provide the right equipment for you to brew the perfect cup wherever you may roam.

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