Holiday Variety Pack


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Remember when going on holidays meant being treated to a variety pack of cereals for your fortnight away? Now you can do the same with our Holiday Variety Drinks Pack.

Mini Packs of our finest blends and 2 packets of tea bags should see the family through a normal holiday deployment – whether that’s camping in Cornwall or adventuring in the Alps. 70g bags of coffee should suffice for 2 normal sized cafetieres (or one very large one), several shots on an Aeropress or a multitude of Pour Overs – certainly enough to keep you in caffeine for a significant period. With a couple of small packs of teabags (one for the backpack and one for Base Camp) you’ll be suitably sufficient in drinks.


Each pack contains:

70g bag of Pathfinder, Trailblazer, Wayfarer, backpacker and Coddiwompler

2 x 20 Teabag of Travellers Tea – English Breakfast Tea

Additional information

Coffee Grind

Beans, Filter, Cafetiere, Aeropress, Moka


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