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  • Coffee Mug

    A suitable receptacle for the drinking of Explorer Coffee’s finest products. A beautiful mug adorned with the Explorer Coffee’s Logos, this 10 fl oz Durham style mug has been produced by a fellow veteran. You can have your choice of the Explorer Coffees Compass or your favourite Explorer Coffees Blend logo on the side.

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  • Enamel Camping Mug

    An 11oz enamel mug, hard wearing and rugged – just what you need for camping trips and adventures in the Great Outdoors.  These mugs have been prepared and sublimated by a fellow Veteran to produce exclusive Explorer Branded drinkware. The handle has been enhanced with some exquisite ropework, courtesy of a Royal Navy veteran, and […]

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  • Explorer Braided Coasters

    A pair of hand made, braided coasters in fetching Blue, Orange and White. Really robust, they’ll look at home on a picnic bench in a country park or on your coffee table at home.   These Coasters were made by a fellow veteran. Being an ex-Matelot, he keeps his hand in with the rope work […]

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  • Explorer Braided Keyring

    Braided Keyring in a range of distinctive colours, with a steel ring to attach your keys to. If there’s a specific colour combination from the photo that you want please use the comment box on the eshop to do so. These Keyrings were made by a fellow veteran. Being an ex-Matelot, he keeps his hand […]

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